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The most awaited iOS feature will appear… in Windows 10

Microsoft accidentally unveiled a new feature of Windows 10, which will appear in the fall update of the operating system. We are talking about the build number 16199, screenshots which demonstrated a number of innovations, including unusual settings icon in the system tray.

Tellingly, this icon is missing in recent builds of Insider Preview, and the image in the blog Windows has been removed. However, users had to save the image. Apparently Microsoft does not want to “Shine” ahead of time a new section of the operating system – the “control Point”. We are talking about the analogue element of the iOS interface, which will be available to users in the next major OS update.

In the control Windows 10 will be posted quick actions available in the action Center today, as well as some additional switches and parameters, including slider adjust the brightness of the screen. Microsoft, apparently, will take into account the errors of Apple and will offer multifunctional and easy to use tool. The fact that unlike iOS control Windows is fully configurable. That is, the user can change everything that is displayed on the panel, add new switches, remove the excess, change the order of buttons, etc.

Like all the functions that have not been announced, Microsoft may postpone or cancel this innovation before it reaches the testing phase. However, Apple should pay attention to this leak. Debuted in iOS 7 operating system still does not support customization.

It is hoped that in iOS 11 Apple developers implement more flexible “control Point”. The company will finally allow users to change the icons in some places, add new shortcuts, remove unnecessary. Who wouldn’t want to clean the same timer or sleep mode in favor of buttons for saving?

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