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Fans of Windows called 8 reasons to abandon macOS and for all to return to “Windows”

History of development and formation of the two most popular desktop OS is macOS, and Windows – are closely interrelated. These platforms initially different concepts: the developers at Apple and Microsoft for a long time sought “own way” for their products, and fans from different “camps” over the long years they spent time in the verbal, text and sometimes physical confrontations, proving the advantage of the proprietary macOS, or “omnivorous” Windows.

According to observers of the resource Dimsog compare two popular “OSes”, there are at least 8 points where Windows beats Mac OS. MacDigger offers to see the list.

1. macOS is not as fast as it seems

The very first plus the macOS is faster than Windows. Well, if you compare top-end iMac with Intel Core i7 and AMD Athon II, in this case, indeed, the iMac will be faster, especially if it would be a SSD.

But, if you use the same iron and the latest versions of operating systems such as Windows and macOS 10 Sierra, you will see that Windows loads much faster and all apps open instantly, as opposed to macOS.

Also in macOS, there are sometimes problems with the animation, especially when you expand the Windows.

2. Windows uses less RAM

After the launch of Windows 10 is 1.5 GB of RAM. You saw how many takes on macOS, just plug the computer? I have this figure reached up to 3.5 GB and it’s especially bad for those who have a PC or laptop has only 4 GB of memory. So for macOS optimum amount of RAM is 8 gigabytes, while for the average Windows user is enough for 4 GB.

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If you use the same software such as Photoshop, in Mac it takes much more memory than in Windows, so on all the forums you can read the most important advice when moving to Mac: buy as much RAM it’ll come in handy.

3. Transparent in Windows control button to maximize the screen

MacOS is a very strange behavior of the button “expand to full screen”. Instead of maximizing the window is all the working space, as is done in Windows, Mac all arranged differently. Clicking on the maximize button of the application really turns on the whole screen, part of the application adapts to the content of the page. For example, the Chrome browser or the Finder.

It is very inconvenient, especially if you have the application window open on half of the desktop and you click to expand to full screen, the window size can be reduced if the contents of the window smaller. For example, Chrome can adapt to the width of the site Vkontakte, cutting off the extra space left and right. If you’re used to working with applications in full-screen mode, don’t click on a Mac, there is a completely different logic.

4. In Windows there are in that play

All new items come out only on consoles and Windows. No other operating system can boast such a number of computer games, especially since Microsoft has such useful thing as DirectX, which is unique in the world. The same OpenGL produces lower FPS compared to DirectX.

For example, take the game L4D2. On identical hardware, the Windows game is at maximum settings, while in macOS it is a good idea is only average. This is also related to the overall optimization of the system.

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As only Windows supports that many joysticks, controllers, video cards that give the opportunity to play comfortably. About the graphics card especially in iMac at home it does not replace and used there are mobile equivalents of desktop graphics cards.

5. In Windows a bunch of viruses

No, this is not a dig at Windows. Yes, if you previously had a problem with viruses in Windows, especially in Windows XP. Now, by using modern antivirus programs, presence of a head on their shoulders, and the account is not administrator, you can 99% protect your computer from malicious attacks.

6. Windows supports almost any hardware

Due to the fact that the system was originally written under any equipment, even the most “crooked” in Windows works fine all that does not work in macOS.

The life of a case: a customer calls and reports that his Wi-Fi adapter TP-Link works perfectly in Windows but not working in OS X (iMac 27″). The client refers to this failure and believes he was sold a defective adapter. In fact, for Wi-Fi adapter is simply no appropriate drivers in macOS.

Besides Wi-Fi adapters, there are plenty of other equipment: printers, scanners, sound cards, and so on. The whole zoo works fine in Windows, but refuses to function properly in macOS.

7. A Windows PC you can upgrade

Well then of course you will scream with foam at a mouth that the Apple computers are also subject to upgrade. Of course, replace the drive, which, by the way, in most models of Apple computers are soldered to the motherboard, or replace the RAM — the more the upgrade. Want more? Go to a service center Apple. Warranty was over? Pay.

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CPU normally is not replaced, the graphics card also does not change, and indeed with any, even the smallest damage, you would “cry” service center and be greeted with open arms, but not you… and your wallet.

Another thing is Windows PC. Decided to change the video card — please, wanted to change the CPU no problem. However there need to say one thing, this only applies to personal computers, nettops, laptops and monoblocks is unlikely to ride.

8. In Windows there is a normal office, as well as many special tools

Yes, this plus the Windows operating system. The lack of a normal office Suite can serve as a great impediment to the transition from macOS to Windows. Let’s be honest, Microsoft Office for Mac to use is quite difficult, and the possibility FOR brand Pages is very limited.

If you need specialized equipment management microcontrollers, firmware devices and so on — clearly the best choice would be Windows operating system.

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