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Known issues iPhone X

A few days after the start of sales of iPhone X happy owners of the gadget have already started to complain about it.

It all started with a post on Reddit. One of the users reported the appearance of air bubbles on the edges of the display. According to him, if you hold your finger over them, the bubbles disappear, but after 15 minutes again “pop up”. The same problem faced by a number of commenters responded to the post.

Apparently, it was a factory defect. During Assembly, all iPhone are in the process of removal of air between the display and glass. Apparently, one of the parties something went wrong.

Another iPhone owner X told me that his copy is missing part of the oleophobic coating. It is a separate layer on the glass that prevents fingerprints and streaks on the screen.

“At the top of the screen of my iPhone there is a small area where there is a lot of prints. Looks like there’s no oleophobic coating” – said the author of the entry.

This is probably an isolated case and not a mass marriage.

Another problem faced by early adopters of iPhone X artifacts on display when reducing the brightness and using the “dark theme” in the applications.

“When I leaf through the ribbon Reddit (interface dark color), see how the elements of gray there is a red shadow,” added one commenter.

To judge by the three posts on Reddit about large-scale problems in iPhone X is not worth it. Should observe the situation and make sure the mass of the above-described problems.

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In the past the launch of iPhone each accompanied by a large number of defects. On the iPhone of the fifth generation to peel paint, but the iPhone 6 bending when placed in back pocket.

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