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The market value of Apple exceeded $700 billion

This week Apple, with 2012 being the most expensive in the world, has crossed an important threshold – the Corporation’s market capitalization exceeded $700 billion. this is evidenced by the exchange Nasdaq.

On Monday, the price of Apple shares reached $133,29 apiece, amid the optimistic assessment of market prospects of its business. During the additional auction after the cessation of major securities rose to $133,39, which is the highest value in the history of the American Corporation.

The capitalization of the company now stands at $700 billion, ranking it ahead of closest pursuer company Alphabet, the owner of the search engine Google more than $100 billion.

Quotes Apple rose after investment Bank Goldman Sachs raised the target price of the Corporation’s shares, but analysts at UBS said that the market is underestimating the service business “Apple” giant. In addition, the rise on the stock exchange encourage the rumors about the new iPhone.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone, and the market expects that the company will launch several new products, which will help it to boost sales. Also, the cupertinos are accumulated in foreign accounts $230 billion, which they probably will soon return to the country, taking into account changes in tax policy.

Apple shares, which in the IV quarter of 2016 returned to first place in the world in sales of smartphones increased from the beginning of the year by 15% in the past year — 40%.

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