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The journalist showed the first photos taken on the iPhone of Steve jobs

Former editor of the newspaper The New York Times ‘ David Gallagher in honor of the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone told the story about how he secretly used a camera in the first Apple smartphone during a private show. He published the first picture taken on the original iPhone – at least, outside the campus of the company.

This we now know almost everything about the iPhone 8, but before running the first generation model, Apple has managed to keep secret virtually all information. Gallagher was able to attend a private screening of the first iPhone and secretly check out the camera news.

In January 2007, shortly after the announcement of the iPhone — Steve jobs staged a closed presentation of the device to the press. A few gadgets were given to the journalists at a long table, all queues have reviewed the smartphone.

“I took a picture of what was before me, just tested the camera, and then quickly sent the photo by e-mail,” recalls the journalist. According to Gallagher, he knew that the considered contraband, given the obsession with Apple leaks.

“Then I published a photo on Flickr. I didn’t have the guts to sign it or make something similar. As far as I know, no one noticed him. But still it was pretty good: I first published online a picture taken on the iPhone outside the company,” writes Gallagher.

He later added to the picture the signature: “Sent from my iPhone (actually Steve)”.

We will remind, the first-generation iPhone had only one camera. Her resolution was 2 megapixels (1600×1200 pixels).

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