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The Italian government will find out why Apple slows down iPhone

Antimonopoly service of Italy launched a new investigation into the deliberate slowing iPhone and other smartphones using software.

According to representatives of service companies such as Apple and Samsung use software updates are not to fix bugs and extend the functionality of devices, and to reduce their productivity.

The investigation was launched after some users complained that their device was “slowing down” after you upgrade the operating system. Antimonopoly service will check whether or not a large Corporation deliberately forcing Italian citizens to buy new gadgets, slowing down existing ones programmatically.

A few weeks ago Apple said that reduces the performance of the iPhone with a worn-out battery to avoid unexpected shutdowns of the device under a high load. Many users took this information inappropriately and felt that Apple is deceiving them and have to buy new smartphones.

The performance of the iPhone 6s in the test Geekbench to replace the battery, and after

In fact, things are different. Performance tests showed that the slowdown iPhone is directly related to the condition of the battery. Any other stutters and lags after upgrading arise from the fact that increases the load on the smartphone. There are new software features and capabilities that require a more powerful processor and more memory. About any intentional performance degradation is out of the question.

However, this does not stop the Antimonopoly service, public bodies and ordinary citizens from filing lawsuits towards Apple. American company apologized to users and promised to add the ability to disable the “intentional slowdown” in iPhone. What this will result in the end is still unknown.

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