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the iPhone 6s has not passed the test of molten metal [video]

Videoblogger TechRax wondered how dangerous it can be for smartphones molten metal, and set up an experiment. The young man took as “experimental” material iPhone 6s and poured him a dangerous substance. A video appeared on his YouTube channel.

TechRax decided to find out how badly damaged the gadget from the molten bismuth, if he suddenly gets on the screen of the gadget. Enthusiast has prepared for the experiment and got all the necessary equipment.

“I melted a few shots of bismuth in the mini-furnace and poured its contents onto the beautiful device. Pleasant viewing!”, – said the blogger.

Putting the iPhone 6s in the tub and promised users a spectacular experiment, the presenter shows a container of melted metal and pours it on the smartphone. The result was quite predictable: the smartphone screen immediately began to melt, and after a few seconds.

However, the iPhone has lasted for some time. Even with the heated bismuth on the display it some time showed the home screen. Finally enthusiast otkovyryali metal from a smartphone and showed the result.

Live with the torture of iPhone 6s a few hours and attracted over 150 000 views. In the comments to the video on the page TechRax users are asked not to stop on reached and to continue experimenting.

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