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The Internet Archive has launched a browser-based version of Mac OS 7.0.1

A nonprofit project of the Internet Archive has announced the launch of Mac OS 7.0.1 emulator. Now users of any modern PC can use the software 1984-1991 years right in the browser window.

According to representatives of the archive, the project is based on the PCE emulator open source. The software includes the operating system Mac OS 7.0.1 with HyperCard, BBEdit Lite, Mac Draw and Mac Paint. Among the installed applications – Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works and Pagemaker. The user can even play Risk, Cannon Fodder and Shufflepuck.

Different versions of System 7 and then Mac OS 7 came out in the period from 1991 to 1997. The software survived the transition from 68000 series processors to the PowerPC. It was installed on devices like the Powerbook 3400c and Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh.

Mac OS 7.0.1 was an extension of the previously launched project of collecting old software (Historical Software Collection). In this project, the Internet Archive collects and puts in a Network source codes and old PC games.

Nonprofit organization Internet Archive was created over 20 years ago. Its main task is to preserve the memory of what at different times was the Internet, and how to develop web-hosted services. Initially, the archive was engaged only in preserving itself, copies of web pages. Later the files were added also digitized books.

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