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Strategy Final Fantasy XV: the Empire of the creators of Game of War was released on iPhone and iPad

Square Enix has announced the worldwide release of the new strategy of the Final Fantasy XV: Empire for devices running iOS and Android. The author of the game is a company Machine Zone, previously worked on projects and Game of War Mobile Strike.

New Empire players are encouraged to explore different Kingdom, to gather magical resources to fight battles in real time, and build a powerful Empire. To play not only for Noctis, Cindy but also for many other characters in Final Fantasy XV. The game included numerous monsters, guilds and the open world.

“Become the hero of Final Fantasy XV in a new strategy game for mobile devices Final Fantasy XV: the Empire. Build your Kingdom, learn powerful spells and conquer the whole Empire together with his friends, reads the description. — If you have enough courage to fulfill his destiny? Travel the vast realms, magic gather resources and build the most powerful Kingdom in the history of Final Fantasy”.

Gamers will be able to develop the Kingdom and to train troops, and fight in “intense real-time combat”. And Guild mates will be able to develop strategies that “will bring victory over the enemies and monsters”.

To start A New Empire requires iOS 8.0 and Android 4.0.3 or later versions of these OS.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is shareware project. To download the game on iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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