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The glass back of the Nexus flagship 6P crack due to the heat [photo]

Users have already tested the reference Android-smartphone Nexus 6P to assess how well it transfers the external impact that may cause scratches, malfunction and even failure. Thus it was possible to establish that this unit is quite easy to bend. Now it became clear that Nexus 6P has a serious design problem.

Owners of Nexus 6P publish in the Network image the back panel of the smartphone with a cracked glass on it. It is argued that the glass covering the camera lens crack by itself and without apparent reason. Several users on the social network Twitter posted a photo of the damaged communicators.

While an official explanation from the manufacturer, Chinese manufacturer Huawei, have been reported, but users put forward their own versions. One of them comes down to poor heat dissipation system, which heats the glass in the camera. As a result, it bursts.

Of course, it is possible that all these incidents are just a coincidence and was the fault of the users — for example, they hit the smartphone when he was in the pocket, but several identical complaints make you think that this problem is still constructive.

On the back panel Nexus 6P use protective glass Gorilla Glass, but unlike the front it is not separated by plastic spacers from the body. It is possible that the problem lies in the metal case, which is much more active than the plastic expands and contracts during temperature fluctuations.

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