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The game Super Mario Run for three days, have downloaded over 37 million times

The Super Mario Run game, released for mobile devices Apple hits record downloads. Mobile “runner”, first presented at the presentation of “Apple” giant, gained a lot of popularity among iPhone and iPad users.

Super Mario Run debuted just a few days ago, but can already boast a major success. So, the first day after release in App Store downloads only in the United States exceeded 3.5 million times. Overall downloads for the first day according to various estimates ranged from 5 to 10 million more than the previous record holders Pokémon GO and Clash Royale.

Really need to consider a few things. The release of Super Mario Run unlike Pokémon GO was one-time in 150 regions. Second, the App Store is promoting the project more aggressive than Pokémon GO, Royal Clash and any other game in its first week of release. Game in the Apple app store took just five main banners at the main page.

In the first three days the number of downloads of Super Mario Run worldwide exceeded 37 million Most popular game was among the US population (they account for over 11 million downloaded) and the UK (around 2 million downloads). To date, the game plumber visited in the first place by installations in 142 countries.

And other interesting statistics worth noting that iPad users spend in game much more time than iPhone owners. On average one game session takes about 5 minutes.

Super Mario Run became available for download December 15. The game can be downloaded free of charge, but fans of “freebies” can only count on a few introductory levels. After that, the developers will be asked to pay an impressive $10, or 750 rubles. The latter fact has disappointed investors, who had arranged the sale of Nintendo stock. The main reason for the pessimism is too high, according to experts, the cost of the game.

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“To claim $10 per game is too much, especially in the era of freemium mobile games. The first three levels are too short, and the game does not specify what will get the user $10,” — said an analyst at research company Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad.

Shares of Nintendo are getting cheaper after the release of the Super Mario games Run for mobile Apple devices. From 15 to 19 December, the value of securities of Japanese companies fell on the Tokyo stock exchange about 14.5% to 24 540 yen ($208) per share, and the capitalization of Nintendo for the period decreased by $3.5 billion.

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