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What’s wrong with AirPods: 3 annoying things Apple need to fix

On Monday Apple started selling AirPods wireless headphones in retail stores. To order a headset, the release of which was delayed for more than two months, is available in the online store for $159 or 12 990 rubles.

AirPods are connected to any iPhone and iPad running iOS 10, a “smart” Watch Apple Watch operating system watch OS 3 or Mac with macOS Sierra. The kit includes the headset, charging case and Lightning to USB cable.

Edition CNET tested the headphones for four days. The General impression is positive – the gadget great sound, comfortable form and the connection method to devices. However, not without drawbacks. Their Apple needs to fix in the second generation AirPods.

1. Limited control

When you make double click on AirPods, you can either activate the voice assistant Siri or put the playback to pause/play music. Use both steps fail. In iOS settings, you can either choose to enable Siri or pause, double tap headphones.

2. The lack of touch gestures

AirPods do not allow you to control the volume or switch tracks. It is not very convenient for those who are accustomed to the same EarPods. Now it will have to issue commands or Siri to get iPhone out of his pocket. AirPods lacking the touch panel to control the playback at all. For example, to swipe up to turn up the volume and down to lower, to touch at the top to call up Siri, etc.

3. Inconvenient switching of sound sources

Setting AirPods is very simple: simply open the case near the iPhone and the screen will be a button to connect. Headphones are connected simultaneously to all devices of the user, so switch can be from any gadget – iPhone, iPad and Mac to sound received from the active device. The main problem is that at each device interface, which complicates the choice of the sound source. Apple need to add a separate panel for quick connection of a wireless headset.

The concept of switching audio sources for AirPods

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