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The first magnetic connector for iPhone 7 has collected on Kickstarter is 7 times more than the required amount [video]

Lightning in the Apple ecosystem is still the standard connector, despite the rumors about the transition of the iPhone to USB C. the existing connector has a major drawback, in particular its mechanical reliability is poor. The Lightning connector is easily damaged by careless connection or disconnection of the cable, and as the formation of resource he can to lose contact. That’s why were successful crowdfunding campaign for a cable MagBolt, operating similarly to the magnetic MagSafe connectors Apple.

C it looks normal cable USB-A, ending with Lightning-connector, but in fact, the latter consists of two parts, which hold together only thanks to the built-in magnets. Is risky to pull the cable as part of the Lightning instantly disintegrate into two parts and save the fragile connector from damage. And for connection it is enough to bring the parts to each other and they will again turn into a single connector. You should not be afraid of accidental disconnection: built-in magnets, strong enough.

In fact, mate with Lightning connector you can generally leave port in the iPhone and connect only the magnetic part of the cable — then the wear of the connector in the device will be completely eliminated, and it will receive all the benefits provided by the MagSafe technology.

Accessory initially created for the iPhone 7, and its creators have added a audio streaming — as a result of using the adapter MagBolt you can listen to music. There is support for Android. In the case of “phones” supports fast charging. All MagBolt protected from dust and water.

The MagBolt project was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Necessary $12 000 collected in a matter of hours, and now in the collection of the developers nearly $90 000. The cost of the accessory for first time buyers will be $19.

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