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The first laptop on the Russian processor runs one hour, weighs 10 kg and is 150 000 rubles

Journalist Vladimir Efimov published in Facebook photos of the first laptop based on the Russian processor “Elbrus-4C”. The device weighs an impressive 10 kg and can operate in standalone mode no more than one hour.

Journalist leads technical specs. According to him, the display resolution of this laptop is 1024×768 pixels. Like its desktop counterpart “AWP Elbrus-401” device is based on a 4-core processor, manufactured on 65-nanometer process technology. The chip has four processing cores with a frequency of 800 MHz and a three-channel controller DDR3-1600 MHz. It also supports 64-bit instructions, characterized by average power dissipation 45 W and manufactured according to the norms of 65 nm.

The laptop is running an OS based on the Linux kernel, but is able to function on Windows XP.

Judging by the photos, the device has a shock-resistant performance and is clearly not aimed at ordinary users. It is assumed that it is designed for industrial, military and research applications.

The cost of notebooks starts at $ 150 000.

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