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The first buyer of Apple 1 published rare photos of Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak [video]

Fast Company has published a video about the founders of Apple Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The video shows rare pictures, which gave Paul Terrier owns the store Byte Shop, the first ordered a batch of 50 Apple 1 computers.

The birth of the Apple comes from the Union of technical genius and genius marketing. Jobs and Wozniak met with bill Fernandez, their common friend who decided to reduce future partners with each other, having no doubt that they will find common language. 26-year-old Who was studying at UC Berkeley, and a younger jobs have already finished school and still didn’t know what to do. Indeed, they quickly found a common language.

Photos videos date back to 1976, when he founded Apple Computers. To the famous couple then joined their friend Ron Wayne, who worked with jobs at Atari. He owned a 10% stake in the company and he was engaged in legal and paper issues. He worked in the company for a little longer — Wayne left Apple and refused his share (which in ten years was measured in hundreds of millions of dollars). In 1981 he retired and Steve Wozniak.

Steve jobs’s remained loyal to Apple, creating a company that grew out of a friendly circle in the garage to multibillion-dollar corporations. But to call his media persona is quite difficult, because we do not know much about the life of Apple founder. To treat his personality may be different, but it is undeniable that without the influence of modern technology would not have such as we know them now. Might learn jobs a little better will help rare photos taken at the dawn of the creation of the Corporation.

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