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The first 2007 iPhone vs iPhone 7: test of strength [video]

With every new iPhone bloggers at intermission I try to test the new strength in various tests. Probably, the audience like it, so employees insurance company SquareTrade decided to conduct comparative testing 7 iPhone and original iPhone 2G.

The test consisted of immersion under the water and fall to the pavement. It is worth to mention that iPhone 7 is protected from water and dust according to IP67 standard, while the iPhone 2G can not boast. It is easy to guess that the Apple first generation test the water failed, and the iPhone 7 was quite functional.

As for the drop test, we probably need to wait another 10 years to see smartphones that can be dropped on concrete without fear to break its screen. Both devices received significant damage after the fall, which is not surprising since we are talking about glass.

It is not clear that the authors of the video wanted to show these tests. It’s probably nothing. However, very painful to watch how mercilessly destroyed the old 2G.

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