Apple Watch will measure blood oxygen levels

Watch Apple Watch justifies the title of "smart." They really can do a lot. Functions related to health monitoring are especially pleasing. For example, a heart rate monitor, ECG, and so on.

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In addition, the Apple Watch is equipped with a saturation sensor. It is capable of measuring the level of oxygen in the blood. Alas, time is running out, and the sensor is blocked. The developers do not include it programmatically.

Saturation is an important indicator. It should be in the range of 95 to 100 percent. If the number falls below 80%, there will be a danger to the brain and heart. Organs will not be able to function normally.

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Now Apple Watch is useless in this regard. The gadget does not record anything like that. The reason for this is the lack of software. Apple has not yet improved the firmware. Although the case has moved forward.

Apple Watch will measure blood oxygen levelsImage from

Insiders managed to study the code fragments of the next iOS. It's about the version of iOS 14. The system has references to the long-awaited innovation. They are hidden in Clock notifications. The application signals compliance with the saturation norm.

The foregoing turns the Apple Watch into a universal diagnostician. According to the characteristics of breathing, it is possible to predict certain diseases (including heart attacks).

Unfortunately, the breakthrough will not happen until iOS 14. The release is still a few months away. Fans will have to be patient.

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