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Apple employees complained to Tim cook on regular inspection of personal belongings

At least two employees of Apple retail stores complained to CEO Tim cook that the company’s policy on safety, including inspection of personal belongings, insulting and degrading.

Complaints are part of the lawsuit, in which Apple employees require compensation for time spent on regular searches. In documents it is reported that when leaving for lunch or go home at the end of the working day employees of salons Apple are required to be searched. So the Corporation is struggling with shoplifting, however, the authors claim does not agree that the searches were conducted in free from work and, accordingly, unpaid time.

One of the employees of the company, whose name was not disclosed, cook said that Apple managers “require treat employees like criminals”. Guide the Apple Store he was accused of mistrust of employees, as the inspection procedure is often done in front of customers.

It is known that Tim cook has forwarded the communication to the HR managers with the question: “is it True?” However what answer he received is not known.

“It’s just a precautionary measure that should do a bit more respectful and cautious”, — commented the Vice-President of HR, Denise young Smith.

A similar email was sent cook a retailer from Beijing in 2013. He said that Apple treats its employees like animals and thieves. He also said the emergency exit at the store locked.

She answered Tim cook on these emails is unknown, however, other company executives have discussed the policy of screening employees. In particular, one of them noted that if it is just a safety measure, we should be more respectful way.

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