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The developer showed a tool for creating Trojans for iOS

Create malicious software to gain unauthorized access to the iOS device is quite simple, thanks to a new program Su-A-Cyder. It is not the fault of Apple’s mobile platform iOS is securely protected from attacks. However, the characteristics of the platform allow under certain conditions to bypass the security mechanisms of the OS.

According to the expert in the field of information security the Security Mi3 Silk Tamir, users have the ability to implement in any official application with malicious code that will allow you to monitor the device. In the video it showed a download method on the iPhone infected version of Skype, developed using Su-A-Cyder. The program looks and operates like the real VoIO-customer, however malicious injections allow Tamir to remotely receive data from your smartphone.

In order to infect an iPhone or iPad, the attacker needs to be direct access to a smartphone or tablet. Trojan is installed through iTunes to bypass the app store and launched thanks to the company’s signature Apple — specific certificate that is issued to companies for more rapid dissemination of his ON the “Apple” smartphones. As a result, the phone becomes infected.

The affected device may send the author exploits the movement history of the user, a list of calls, contacts, SMS correspondence, Bank details and other important information. The app will work seamlessly on the phone “victim”.

“Anyone who has access to the device, can turn it into a tool for attacks,” said Tamir Cilk. “For example, employees can take a colleague’s iPhone and upload to the device is infected BY corporate and follow him,” says the developer example.

The only reliable way to protect iPhone or iPad from this type of attack is always to keep the gadget and use password protection.

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