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The designer showed the iPhone 6c concept [video]

The next model of Apple smartphone will be presented soon, however, designers from SET Solution decided to bring in rendering his vision of the iPhone 6c. The device in the images, as follows from the description that combines the features of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5c.

The designers proposed a three-dimensional visualization of the new smartphone, which will replace the current iPhone 5c. In the design are the main features of the six: rounded back, typical chamfer on the edges, insertion for antenna, speaker and microphone on the bottom edge on both sides of the Lightning port. From the iPhone 5c smartphone has got bright colors and plastic case. On the front you can see a fingerprint scanner, combined with the main button of the smartphone.

According to experts ‘ expectations, which take into account previous launches of new Apple mobile devices, the company will introduce a smartphone in August or September. Accurate information about the release yet, but for sure the device will have a more powerful processor, an updated camera and other improvements.

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