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The designer has imagined what it might look like an iPhone if it was released 30 years ago

With all of the talk about smartphones the iPhone lineup 2015 artist Pierre the Servo decided to imagine how could look mobile dialer Apple, if he came out in the 80-ies of the last century. Image conceptual device placed in your blog designer.

The prototype of retrocon” called Macintosh Phone. The author of the concept was given by the rotary dialer device, a small monochrome display and 512 KB of memory. According to the Serv, released 20 years before the original iPhone, the gadget would get a plastic case in the style of the first Mac with the rainbow logo.

The device was positioned as “the perfect companion for the Macintosh Plus. In addition to calls Macintosh Phone could contain a phone book of a small volume, but to send SMS would have happened in the 80’s, this service was not yet available.

How many could build such a device three decades ago, we can only guess. But there is no doubt that in those days it was a dream then for gadget fans.

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