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The COVR Photo case for iPhone SE allows you to conduct the hidden shooting [video]

Few dare to openly shoot people on the street, in the subway or at public events. Similar and sometimes even impossible. COVR Photo the company has released an unusual cover for iPhone SE/5s that allows you without any concern remove for iPhone anything, without being afraid to draw attention to themselves.

COVR Photo fitted sliding shutter in the center of the main chamber. It has an embedded lens that allows you to hold your smartphone when recording so that it does not attract attention. Sliding curtains, you can use the camera as usual.

The original case can be useful in two cases. First, it is possible to use the iPhone for inconspicuous shooting, that is to turn your device into a hidden camera. After all, when the phone is in hand, you are unlikely someone will suspect that you are at this moment making a video or taking pictures. And for a persuasiveness dense forest it is possible to download a free application that will simulate the startup splash screen, and then everything will be just like reading an email or open websites.

Secondly, due to the COVR Photo lens smartphone can be held horizontally and at the same time to take photos or record videos. This is convenient because you don’t have in the process to hold the phone in front of him – after all, if you have a long remove, it’s quite exhausting.

Included with the cover is an application that gives you the opportunity to adjust contrast and brightness, to focus and make a series of images with a square crop. It also gives the image the correct orientation.

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According to the creators of the cover, COVR Photo helps you to take pictures where people look natural, because they do not realize that they are photographed. Obviously, the case can be useful in genre and reportage.

The value of COVR Photo for iPhone SE is $ 60. The case is available in black, white, blue and purple. Also available modifications for iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6s.

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