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For iOS users created “the editor of reality” [video]

Engineers from the laboratory of user interfaces Massachusetts Institute of technology in an original way developed the idea of technology “Internet of things”. Within three years they developed a mobile app Reality Editor (“the Editor of reality”) and now you release it for iOS devices.

Currently our “smart objects” do not differ special mind and ingenuity. In particular, users can program the device with which it communicates, for a certain behavior. “The editor of reality” that becomes possible.

The application involves the use of iPhone in augmented reality mode — aiming the camera apparatus into “smart” objects, you can use your finger to draw a connection between them. For example, combining “node” of the thermostat, responsible for the temperature rise, and the sensor on the bed, tracking hoist user, you can use one movement to program the system to raise the temperature in the house every morning. The task of object recognition application is solved by applied patterns, working by analogy with QR codes.

Linking smart objects, users will be able to solve different tasks — for example, to enable air conditioning at home when I sit in the car, going to work, or to turn off the TV the same switch, and the light in the room. To assess the possibility of a Reality Editor for video from the developers.

Learn more about “the editor of reality” on the official website of the project.

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