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The cash reserves Apple has over a quarter of a trillion dollars

Apple has accumulated more than $250 billion in cash, which is not going to waste any way. This was reported Monday by the WSJ.

Guide the Apple every new product launch and each quarterly report of profits begins with the words of the record indicators. Was no exception and the first quarter of the 2017 financial year ended 31 December 2016.

After three months of work, California technogiant implemented to 78.3 million iPhones, 13 million iPads and 5.3 million Macs, earning $78.4 billion amid falling global smartphone market and the slowing Chinese economy, experts did not expect from Apple some achievements. However, the company showed sales growth of the iPhone. In such income, the net profit of the Corporation increased to $17.9 billion.

However, record-high quarterly profit and the runaway success of smartphones is not the main prizes of Apple. The company was able to accumulate unbelievable cash reserve, which by the beginning of may exceeded a quarter trillion dollars. The same amount of cash Apple has been able to accumulate in just less than 12 years, because in those days, when the emergence of the first iPhone there were only rumours, the amount of cash owned by “Apple” giant, was only $5.5 billion.

Despite the fact that today Apple has the largest cash reserves of all the technology companies in the world, Tim cook and other top managers of the Corporation are not in a hurry, these funds anywhere to invest.

According to market analysts, such reserve funds could have been invested at least in three directions: to perform various daily transactions, protection in the event of a slowdown in the business development and potential investment, if given a suitable opportunity. However, in the case of Apple’s cash is not practically be used for any operations.

Apple spent quite a small amount (compared to its reserves) for the purchase of third-party companies, bought music company Beats Music, the company AuthenTec, which develops fingerprint scanners, responsible for the voice assistant Siri, the startup, and investing in more projects. It is not one of the amounts of the transactions, except associated with the purchase of Beats, not to exceed $1 billion.

At the same time, Apple’s competitors are investing billions in robots, Internet services, unmanned vehicles and AI systems. For example, Facebook spent more than $20 billion for WhatsApp messenger, and producing virtual reality technology Oculus VR.

As for Apple, in Cupertino that seems to be not going to waste a stock of cash just to buy something. “Money in our pocket do not burn, therefore, we follow the strategy to wait and think about it before you make a choice,” said cook.

Despite the fact that Cupertino has decided to hold its cash reserve for a “rainy day”, the analysts of “fruit” Corporation could spend your hard-earned $250 billion to Finance a colony on Mars, the acquisition of Tesla Motors and the market launch of electric cars, the purchase of a private operator of mobile communication, the acquisition of all of the sports teams in the U.S. and even to buy back almost all of its devices released to the market.

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