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The candidate for presidents of the United States for seven months he learned how to use the Apple Watch [video]

Contender for the US presidency from the Republican party Jeb Bush doesn’t know how to use Apple Watch. He got in an awkward situation for hours, which is for six months.

During a meeting with reporters in Des Moines on his smart device received the call and out of hours I heard: “hi!”. But Bush didn’t know that the Apple Watch has a speaker and microphone, with which you can talk hands-free.

After a few moments, after prompting journalists Jeb Bush still convinced that talking to him is exactly the Apple Watch. He found his bearings and managed to warn the caller that you will call him back later. “It was the coolest thing in the world,” said the presidential candidate.

In a recent interview, Jeb Bush stated that the Apple Watch if a lot of shortcomings, but it’s the best on the market. “The device requires more effort than I would like. They are not as intuitive as other Apple products. The battery runs down too quickly. I don’t have time to explore all the apps, but they’re tough,” he said.

Bush believes that Apple will correct all the flaws in Apple Watch 2 will make smart watches more functional and easy to use. Despite the shortcomings of the gadget he plans to continue to use “Apple” for hours.

It is known that the former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, who decided to become President of the United States, is a fan of Apple. Its commitment to products of “Apple” brand he previously told the video on her YouTube channel.

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