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The browser of the future” Yandex received an anonymous web surfing

“Yandex” has announced an update to its own Internet browser Yandex.Browser, one of the main features of which is a transparent interface. The company has added several new features of privacy. It is also reported that the browser has moved from the phase of alpha testing stage in beta.

The announcement of the “browser of the future” was held in November last year. The program is free from the framework, status and other user interface elements, so it does not close the contents of the site and does not prevent to work with him. So, according to experts of “Yandex” will look browsers in the future.

Among the most notable innovations in the program — move tabs to open pages. They are at the bottom of the screen. Each tab is painted in primary colors of the site to which it leads. Tabs leading to different pages of the same site, join in the group.

Among other features “Yandex.Browser” — the ability to show users brief information about famous people, objects and events as soon as the user specifies the query. And to anticipate needs: for example, if a person studies the website cafe or Museum, the browser will show their location on a map.

For a long time the product was positioned as a pilot project and was offered along with the existing “Yandex.Browser”. But now the company says that the concept is the dominant browser in foreign markets. Worldwide, there are over 22 million monthly users browser. At the same time, additional privacy features was one of the most requested during the alpha testing opportunities, especially among users in Germany, Canada and the USA.

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Innovations in terms of ensuring anonymity in the beta version of “Yandex.The browser ensures that the mechanisms for collecting user data, statistics or browsing is disabled by default. In addition, users are offered a special extension Stealth Mode that allows you to instantly lock the analytical cookies and plug-ins of social networks.

A beta version of the new Yandex.The browser is available for download on Mac and Windows. In the near future will be mobile clients for iOS and Android.

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