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The blogger asked 50 questions Siri and Google Assistant and compared the quality of answers [video]

Apple continues to improve Siri. In iOS 10 personal assistant began to better understand voice queries and more accurate in their responses, found blogger Matt Birchler, which compared the technology with Google Assistant. In many cases, Siri can cope better with answers to the questions than the competitor from Google.

Google Assistant is a relatively new technology the search giant. The company has implemented broad capabilities and deep integration into the Android operating system 7.1 Nougat. Birchler tested virtual assistant Google and compared its capabilities with Siri.

To access the Google Assistant, you have to press the Home key or to say out loud “OK Google”. The voice assistant Apple starts with the command “Hey Siri.” According to the statement of Google, the Assistant is able to work with any online services from search and Gmail to photostorehouses. However in the test function are unable to answer the question about upcoming meetings in the calendar on your smartphone.

The real test was that the participants were asked the same questions. Siri and Google Assistant had to answer 50 questions. Among them were simple — “Set the alarm for 6.45”, “Where is the nearest cinema”, and more complicated, “How many days until my birthday”, “Translate $ 2 my wife.”

Winning the competition was won by Siri. Although the technology has some limitations due to the lack of access to personal personal users, with many issues, it has done better than Google’s Assistant. Voice assistant Apple is no questions and rarely addresses the search. In some scenarios, Google displays less information than Siri and not very funny jokes.

Users can not make a weak feature integration with third-party applications and services: Google Assistant is able to book a table via OpenTable, but don’t call a car with Uber. Siri can not only that, but even allows you to transfer money to other users.

During testing, Siri and Google Assistant used commands that are useful to regular users of smartphones. Comparison of voice assistants, you can watch the video below.

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