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The Bevel device will turn your iPhone into a 3D camera [video]

There are many different smartphone accessories that allow you to expand the capabilities of their camera. If you already have experience in the use of such additions for the iPhone, so you will not encountered. Bevel is very easy to use device that will give the iPhone a 3D camera.

To work with device does not require any additional training is a small gadget attaches to the phone using a 3.5 mm audio Jack and turns it into a camera for shooting 3D. It does not create the illusion of depth image as you might think, and makes three-dimensional image. According to the developers, the device can even be used for 3D printing.

First we need to connect the gadget to the phone and then make a picture using the same application Bevel. When the three-dimensional surface scanning (the authors develop a process called 3D image), the smartphone’s camera produces high-frequency shooting, fixing the position of the laser on the object scan. After processing, the application generates 3D model. Thus, the final image is not just a 3D picture, and a picture with detailed information about depths and distances. Such information is indispensable for 3D modeling and creation of augmented reality apps.

Three-dimensional scanner based on smartphone opens new possibilities for graphic designers, special effects creators, historians and researchers from different fields of science.

On Bevel Kickstarter campaign raised $303 293, which is one third more than needed. And the cost of the gadget is $80. In the package included Bevel, charging cable and map calibration image.

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