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Tele2 took almost 3% of the cellular market in the first three months of work in Moscow

In the fourth quarter of 2015 the share of Tele2 accounted for 66.5% of all net additions of subscribers in Moscow, “Vedomosti”, with reference to the report of the analytical company AC&M Consulting. The share of Tele2 on the number of active SIM cards in Moscow was by the end of last year of 2.9%.

At the end of the year the Moscow network operators were registered 43,19 million active sim cards in the previous quarter 41,29 million, according to AC&M. Thus, for the last three months of last year, the operators hooked in Moscow 1.9 million subscribers. Tele2 at the end of the year in Moscow was, according to her representative Konstantin Prokshin, of 1.27 million subscribers. Launch of Tele2 in Moscow took place in the second half of October – so all those subscribers of the operator has accepted the network over the last quarter.

“MegaFon” reported that by the end of December 2015 serviced in Moscow 13.5 million subscribers, and at the end of September – 13,05 million; this operator thus connected for a quarter of 450,000 SIM cards, and its share in net connections increased by 23.6%.

MTS and “Beeline” did not disclose the number of subscribers in Moscow at the end of last year. But if you subtract the data about connections “the Megaphone” and Tele2 of the total quarterly growth of the Moscow subscriber base, it turns out that at MTS and “Beeline” have only 187 410 subscribers, that is, they divided 9.9% of net additions.

These figures clearly show that the yield of Tele2 the Moscow market was successful, the operator was intercepted by new subscribers at the weakest competitor.

No comments on the calculations and the representative of “Beeline” Anna Imasheva, but says that “Beeline” is the leader by total number of subscribers in Moscow. A person close to the operator, explains: among Moscow subscribers of “Beeline” traditionally many migrants, and in the fourth quarter, many of them leaving.

The representative of MTS with the calculations of the newspaper do not agree, and which figures, in his view, correct, does not speak.

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