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Because the French suit of the head of Apple can end up in jail

One of the latest lawsuits filed by Apple during the scandal with the batteries of the iPhone, looks the most serious. If the company is found guilty, the executives could face prison in addition to millions in fines. About it reports The Local.

This latest lawsuit was filed yesterday in France, Halte à l Obsolescence Programmée, or HOP (Stop Planned Obsolescence). Prior to this, due to problems with the battery company sued only in the US, but now the trial against Apple has expanded to Europe. They believe:

“Apple introduced the global strategy of the programmed obsolescence of batteries to increase sales”.

HOP believes that Apple may be fined for everything sold in France, iPhone in the period from 2015. The maximum penalty is a prison term of two years, a fine of 300,000 euros and five per cent of the annual turnover.

The outcome of the case depends on the decision of prosecutors: only they can decide whether it is legal to the claim. In any case, Apple is not going to change the strategy, intending to continue to slow iPhone with the old batteries. But, time will tell whether the company various lawsuits. Maybe iOS will be at least notify users about performance degradation.

Today, the smartphone manufacturers Motorola and HTC have made official statements that they don’t slow down their devices. It is expected that soon there will be other companies that will also be able to put pressure on Apple to improve the situation.

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