“If the business is good, it will definitely make a profit”: how “Teremok” began & nbsp

On the eve of quarantine and self-isolation, we called Mikhail Goncharov, the founder of the Teremka, to the “Family Contract”. Today, this chain of Russian cuisine restaurants is one of the most popular in Russia. Goncharov was in his fourth year at the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, when he came up with (or […]


Apple began selling used iPhone Xr & nbsp

On the Apple website, the restored iPhone Xr appeared. The devices were put up for sale in the company's American store. On sale versions of devices with 64, 128 and 256 gigabytes of internal memory are available. Gadgets have the status Unlocked, that is, unlocked for use in the networks of any mobile operators. The […]


Apple began to build AirPods in Vietnam. iPhone in line

Recently, Apple has sought to add geographic diversity to its supply chain. She has already transferred part of the iPhone production from China to India. And now, as part of a new strategy, she began to collect AirPods headphones outside the Middle Kingdom. AirPods Studio will be released in June                   The bad news: […]