Apple began to build iPhone XR in India. Next in line iPhone 11

Despite the possible warming of relations between the United States and China, Apple continues to develop a plan in the event of a worsening trade war between the two powers. One part of the plan is the transfer of production of iPhone and other electronics to China. The most suitable country for assembling the iPhone is India. There, Apple's manufacturing partners have their own assembly lines. Some iPhone models for the domestic market are already manufactured there. And now in India, the production of the iPhone XR has started, which will be exported to other regions, including Europe.

Apple began to build iPhone XR in India. Next in line iPhone 11

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Today it became known that contract manufacturer Foxconn has launched the iPhone XR in India. And soon there will begin production of the iPhone 11 presented in September. The smartphones assembled in India are intended primarily for sale in the domestic market, but, as noted by sources, Apple plans to sell them in other countries.

Note that the production of iPhone XR in India was supposed to start back in August, but the timing of the start of production had to be postponed, because it was necessary to obtain the approval of local authorities. Apple smartphones are assembled at the Foxconn plant in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu in eastern India.

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