“If the business is good, it will definitely make a profit”: how “Teremok” began & nbsp

On the eve of quarantine and self-isolation, we called Mikhail Goncharov, the founder of the Teremka, to the “Family Contract”. Today, this chain of Russian cuisine restaurants is one of the most popular in Russia. Goncharov was in his fourth year at the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, when he came up with (or rather, spied in France) a business with pancake kiosks. Why did Goncharov write to Luzhkov? How did the first Teremka kiosk appear? How do landlords influence a business? And does Michael himself know how to cook pancakes?
6:04 – Where did the Teremok network begin?

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11:45 – About the demand for pancakes and competitors
18:15 – About relations with tenants
21:25 – About the possible sale of "Teremka", personal flaws and regrets
The producer and editor of the issue is Maria Pogrebnyak, the sound engineer is Vladimir Chistyakov, the composer is Ilya Arzhadeev.
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