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Study: iPhone owners don’t want to start a family, and Android users dream of the children

Owners of devices running iOS and Android differ in the use of the application to determine the high or low probability of conception. To such conclusion analysts of company Cycle Technologies.

In the study, experts have studied the habits of 50,000 users applications for reproduction of Dot. With it, women can plan pregnancies, prevent it and track your menstrual cycle.

It turned out that 35% of iPhone owners use the app Dot to prevent pregnancy, compared to 29% of its competitors — Android.

With 25% of Android users use the app for planning pregnancy compared with 19% of owners of iOS devices. On both platforms, 32% of women use the Dot to prevent pregnancy, 22% use the app for planning, and 46% track their menstrual cycles.

According to analysts, Android users are more interested in creating a family, unlike the owners of devices running iOS that don’t want to start a family.

Experts propose to take into account the different levels of education users of both platforms. So, they conducted a study, which indicated that iPhone users a higher level of education, so women marry later and, accordingly, delay childbearing to a later time than those with a high school diploma.

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