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Study: crashes are happening more iPhone than Android smartphone

Research company Blancco Technology Group unveiled the latest report on the statistics of failures of mobile devices on the two most popular operating systems — iOS and Android. The data in the report relate to the final quarter of 2016, and suggests that iOS in terms of stability is inferior to Android.

In the fourth quarter of 2016, “scored” smartphones, running iOS, i.e. representatives of the iPhone. According to Blancco, for the period from October to December any problems with them experienced 62% of their owners, which is more than double the figure for the first quarter, which was equal to 25%. Moreover, among the representatives of the Android camp, this indicator is significantly lower – 47%.

Most often the complaints were received from owners of the iPhone 6. According to analysts, this smartphone had most of the failures in the fourth quarter – 15%. To work flagship the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus complained much less frequently, it only recorded for 3% of episodes.

For hours the complaints of iOS users became a spontaneous closure of the applications (32%), temperature (14%), headphones (7%), problems with Wi-Fi (5%) and mobile data (4%). Most unstable app on iOS is Facebook, the top three most frequent “departures” also includes Instagram and Snapchat.

Owners of Android-based smartphones, according to the report, in the last quarter of the year complained about their devices less. A typical problem of this platform relate to the work chambers (10%), USB (10%), mobile signal (8%), productivity (8%) and emergency applications (7%).

The largest number of complaints collected smartphones, brand Samsung. According to this indicator, the South Korean company leads the fifth quarter from 16% in the fourth quarter of 2016. The title of the most problematic app for Android received the Google Play Services.

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