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Russian developers have released an iOS keyboard with ready answers “on all occasions”

Russian developer Vladimir Guriev has released an interesting keyboard for iOS with ready answers “on all occasions”. The phrase built on the technology of lexical primitives and, according to the author of the app can be used while chatting with relatives or superiors.

Unlike conventional keyboard, Fast Keyboard sends whole phrases instead of single letter. According to Guriev, this concept helps to speed up the boring chat “several billion times.”

Users have 15 layouts to communicate with bosses, parents, lovers, or Dating new people. Contents quick replies and layouts can be changed. For example, you can add messages that are needed, or rename the layout “Wife” Lena, if your wife’s name that way.

Unfortunately, the ability to add new layouts the developers have not provided.

“The plan as always — and you need to report this to management. Or all right with you, and you’re sitting on the toilet, Tinder gone, and there is reciprocity. Or need colleague to kick. Or a million more just. For all these situations we have prepared a standard message in advance. No need to type anything. Push one button, and the source is sent the whole message or even bed sheet as a set up. Very convenient,” said Guriev about the principles of operation of the keyboard.

The app is available in App Store for 149 rubles. Keyboard is compatible with iPhone running iOS 9.0 and above.

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