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Tim cook called AirPods “cultural phenomenon” and stated that it was important for Apple professional users

On Tuesday at the Apple campus in Cupertino’s shareholders ‘ meeting, during which CEO Tim cook assured investors that the company still aimed at professional users and is planning “to do more for them”.

“You will see that we are working in this direction. Professional users are important to us. Creative users is important to us in particular”, – said the head of Apple.

Cook’s comments touched a Mac, Apple Watch, iPad and services. Also the CEO tried to reassure those who were concerned about the lack of Mac Pro update. The last time Apple unveiled a new Mac Pro in December 2013, and since then it has been over 1000 days.

Other desktop Macs also consistently ignored for the moment. iMac last updated in October 2015, more than 500 days ago, the Mac Mini in October 2014, over 800 days ago.

“Do not think that if you do not see the results of what we did or do, it means we have other priorities,” cook said to investors.

Any hints on the new Mac Mini or Mac Pro it did not, however, according to rumors, the updated iMac can be released in March 2017. It is expected that the units will get the USB ports to C and a new graphics card from AMD.

In his speech, the Apple CEO called AirPods wireless headphones “cultural phenomenon”. He noted that the company is doing everything possible to cope with the shortage of supply set. The question the participants about potential risks to health and safety AirPods, cook said that Apple “wouldn’t sell the device if this was some sort of problem”.

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At the meeting, the head of Apple was asked about the likelihood of convergence of iPad and Mac in the form of a touch screen, the latter, to which cook answered ambiguously. He stated that he could not comment on future plans, however, sees the iPad and Mac as two different products for completely different purposes.

“Wait, what are we going to do more so that people can see it replacing a laptop, but not replace Mac – Mac does so much more,’ replied cook. By combining these worlds, you lose the simplicity and power of one another.”

The remaining time the shareholders voted for some of the proposals and discussed the information from the January meeting.

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