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iPhone 7 Plus vs OnePlus 5: battle of the cameras [video]

Last week, the Chinese OnePlus introduced its new flagship smartphone OnePlus 5. The unit received not only the design in the style of iPhone 7 Plus, but also borrowed a dual-camera technology from a competitor.

the iPhone 7 Plus equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor wide-angle and telephoto lens with apertures f/1.8 and f/2.8 respectively. Has optical stabilization, flash with four LEDs and support 2-fold optical zoom (supplemented by a 10x digital). Compare used 5 sensors with higher resolution — 16-megapixel wide angle with f/1.7 and 20 megapixel telephoto with f/2,6. Has a dual led flash and a 1.6-fold optical zoom.

The author of the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro have tested both the smartphone as a mobile shooting. This was done a series of test shots on the iPhone 7 Plus and the OnePlus 5 under the same conditions.

One can immediately notice that the colors on the OnePlus 5 are more vivid and less natural, especially green. In the room the image becomes more faded. IPhone 7 Plus the color rendition looks more natural.

Due to the lack of optical image stabilization picture on OnePlus 5 shakes too much while walking. Support electronic stability cannot cope with the task on the same level as the optical counterpart in the iPhone 7 Plus.

Both smartphones tolerably well off in the dark, although “Chinese”, you may notice more noise. While shooting in 4K resolution devices quickly focus on the object. Have OnePlus 5 when shooting at close range the image is blurred. Problems with time-lapse does not occur.

When you go from bright sky to darker grass Chinese flagship fulfills smoothly. The iPhone before with this problem but Apple was able to improve the situation with the latest updates.

Bokeh OnePlus 5 works quite well, although inferior in quality to the portrait mode on the iPhone. On the OnePlus I have to take photos from a closer distance. The front camera OnePlus loses 5 camera the iPhone 7 Plus: the colors look more dull, but the picture itself is too smooth.

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