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Staff and “Yandex” has launched a new social network Once

The developers of Group and “Yandex” has launched a new social network Once for mobile users on iOS and Android. Service users can describe their actions short statuses with photos and geotagged.

According to the developers, Once focused on people aged 12 to 21 years. The author of the idea was head of cloud and business services Group Egor Ganin. Holding employees engaged in the management and design of the Verb, while the developers of “Yandex” took over the backend development and testing.

Once the functionality allows you to write simple sentences-statuses that begin with a verb (called willow), for example: “Watching a movie”, “dinner”, “Go to work”. The message can be supplemented with photo and data geolocation. For a variety of activities like a specified number of records or number of likes, users are awarded “badges” and rise in the rankings.

The main investor in the social network is Group. The holding plans to earn at Once by the ad of the model: through offering relevant products according to the data obtained about user preferences.

In conversation with TJ the creators of the project said that the social network is focused on mobile platforms and is designed for those who are “insufficiently Facebook and Instagram.

“We are all hostages of the formats offered by social networks, in each of them we create a different image. Life is too easy for “Facebook”, where we discuss hot topics. “Instagram” has become a platform for beautiful photos, where not going to tell about the routine. VERB — a place where you can share daily activities, just be yourself, and what you’re doing, it becomes a new occasion for communication,” said Ganin.

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Once the app is available for users of devices running iOS and Android.

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