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Sports photographer demonstrated the capabilities of the iPhone 6s camera

Everyone loves to take photos and videos on iPhone. Indeed, a gadget company Apple is world’s most popular camera. But even more people appreciate those memorable moments that are captured in photographs.

The first pre-ordered iPhone 6s will flow to their owners only at the end of this week. However, some lucky ones managed in advance to get new smartphones. Sports publication Sports Illustrated was at the disposal of the iPhone 6s Plus, and immediately gave the new product a test drive. The editors sent a photographer brad Mangina to match of major League baseball and has armed him with the “Apple” tabletom. So Lou took the pictures from the event on camera phones.

iPhone 6s Plus boasts an updated iSight camera, allowing you to take pictures with a resolution of 12 megapixels instead of 8. But we know that the photo quality is determined not only by the number of pixels. So the new iPhone is equipped with ultra-modern sensor, new processor processing the image signal, the new technology of the pixel settings, Focus Pixels, improved tone mapping technology and the system of optical stabilization. User only needs to see a good shot, touch shutter button and to make the most amazing picture for your collection.

Apple claim that the iPhone 6s camera creates clear and detailed photos. The finished images are in front of you, so that you can evaluate themselves. Brad was pleased with the camera smartphone.

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