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Spider: Rite of the Shrouded – weekdays spider in the neighbourhood

Mobile games, whatever you say, extremely limited use of their resources – they did not seem to notice that run on devices that have a camera, the user’s contact list, GPS and much more. Imagine what it would be like if games were all these to operate – and not in the spirit of “augmented reality” that anyone not particularly need, but really. Like, say, operates modern messengers recent film “Remove from friends” is such a severe shortage of the modern gaming industry. Some attempts to gently penetrate into the reality of making a game of Spider: Rite of the Shrouded – and she is well able.

In the ancient manor of ancient respectable family there was something sinister: no one knows what it is, but in fact clearly implicated the scientific experiments and ancestral curse. To understand all this have an ordinary spider, taken a liking to the dusty attic of the mansion – descending lower and lower on the mysteries of the castle, he will witness the ancient scandals and intrigues that were going on literally outside your window.

Yes, under Windows. From the beginning, the game asks where you are? Then identifies the weather and time of day your town and moves in the game. Turns out even a bit spooky: flashing your location, Spider: Rite of the Shrouded runs into the mysterious mansion exactly the same atmospheric conditions that you have in the yard. If it is raining – it will go in the game. If you decide to play at bedtime – the darkness will and in the castle. Geographical coordinates conditional, but because, according to the story, it was long ago, then who knows – maybe everything happens in close proximity to you? An illusion, of course – but a skillful illusion that lead one to believe. Sometimes, though, the system fails: the game focuses on some strange atmospheric summaries, so if you in the morning, ran through the rain, and now the full-blazing sun, it is not the fact that it will be in the game – perhaps there is still you will be greeted by gloomy clouds. This question, however, technical – waiting for updates.

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With the game itself, but, no updates required – all perfectly calibrated. In fact, it is a puzzle: you need to weave a web to catch all the beetles at once. The trap is simple: jumped – the spider thread is pulled. Jumped again increased. Something like “fill” in the image editor: it is enough to fasten on all sides the web, and get a real trap. It is possible to get all sorts of insects, which need eat: only after a certain amount eaten victims opens a passage to a new level.

Almost every time before the spider (and therefore you) there is a logical problem – how to do better. Number of hops-shots as prizes in a quiz show, strictly limited, and beetles each time getting more and more space. It is difficult, and often lose, but always returned again to once again try to pass the level and move on to discover the secrets that many years ago was weaving spiders in human form.

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded 279 rubles worth (that’s all internal payments there. Money for a mobile app, perhaps weighty, but worth it – as, in General, was worth it and all of the previous games-developer (for example, they made Waking Mars). The only problem may arise only at arachnophobes: the graphics are simple, but suspiciously realistic; eating insects is accompanied by spectacular lighting spider and evil music – this is, after all, hard to watch.

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