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The video showed the alternative jailbreak store apps iMods

The developers of “alternative unofficial apps store” iMods has released a demo video. In the video you can see the process of installing tweaks on jailbroken device.

On the preparation of iMods it became known last summer. Then, the developers of the store, positioned as a replacement for Cydia, started closed beta. They not abandoned their project and plan to open a fundraising campaign.

iMods has a stylish design, made by all the canons of the latest iOS versions. The app looks more modern than Cydia and how to install these tweaks is easier than from a competitor. The creators of “App Store for jailbreakers” said they plan to change the view of users to work with. Installing applications is simplified, and the risks to turn your device into a “brick” will be reduced to zero. In addition, users will be able to create their own accounts on the store and rate the tweaks.

The plans of the developers to make iPhone and iPad owners have abandoned the term “jailbreak”, which has a negative connotation, and was used instead of “IMOD”.

Below is a demonstration iMods from the developers:

The Creator of Cydia Jay Freeman reacted negatively to iMods. He stated that he had no great desire to make Cydia, so if a third team will try to put his spoke in the wheel, offering alternative solutions, he may even abandon the project.

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