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Smart watch Sowatch capable of measuring blood pressure, collected on Kickstarter more than $300,000 [video]

On Kickstarter successfully raise funds for smart watches that can monitor blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, as well as give tips for improving the effectiveness of training depending on the sport. The device, developed by Farasha, gathered for the month more than $300,000.

Gadget called Sowatch looks like the most common “smart” watches, but in reality it offers an extended set of capabilities. Wearable wrist computer is able to detect cardiovascular disease, hypothermia, hypertension, sleep disorders and more.

Sowatch and is positioned as an assistant for those who are trying to lose weight, normalize sleep, to maintain good physical shape. Watch allow the monitoring of physiological indicators and progress in training. Of course, the device also performs other functions inherent to the smart watch.

Also, the smart watch will be a valuable tool for athletes. Before you start training, you can choose a sport to accessory tracking important parameters: the number of steps, time, distance, speed, temperature, level of oxygen in the blood, blood pressure, height above sea level, and other indicators.

The watch is equipped with interface Bluetooth 4.0, GPS receiver, accelerometer, two sensors of the blood flow, the two temperature sensors and touch screen display. Housing dimensions 42,2 x 35,0 x 11,0 mm are also represented for the battery capacity of 400 mA∙h.

The first participants of fundraising could reserve a watch for $ 99. Sowatch the first deliveries to customers will start in March 2017.

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