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Apple was planning to release a foldable iMac with touch screen for 6 years before Microsoft

Not every innovation and every project gets its actual implementation, and especially in the hands of consumers. Each manufacturer decides for itself which product is the most promising and worthy of appearance on the mass market.

This week, Microsoft introduced brand monoblock PC Studio Surface, a feature of which is the presence of a large touch screen and special stand, which allows you to tilt the screen. In fact, 28-inch PC transformirovalsya from a workstation into a huge tablet, providing opportunities for a more realistic creative process. The mount lets you effortlessly change the angle of the screen at each stage.

In fact, before the release of Microsoft Surface Studio Apple considered the possibility of creating such a device. In a patent application of Apple from 2010 describes the touch iMac with folding stand. A monoblock can be used in normal mode with OS or switch to iOS, just by tilting the screen.

Document Apple provides for the use of the stand, structurally similar to the mounting Surface Studio. Switching between desktop and mobile OS was offered to perform automatically using the accelerometer.

For some reason, Apple abandoned this project and does your company plan to return to it, is unknown. However, to expect that the cupertinos release a single operating system for PCs and mobile devices, is not necessary. Last year Apple CEO Tim cook has denied the information on possible merger of the two platforms. “We don’t think fit the idea of a single operating system for PCs and mobile devices. These systems perform different functions, cook said at the conference, Boxworks in San Francisco — we Have no intention to combine them.”

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