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Google introduced the “smart” surveillance camera Nest Cam and the second generation smoke detector Nest Protect [video]

Google has released a new video camera Nest Cam and smoke detector Nest Protect second generation. The device created by the division of Nest Labs, bought by the Internet giant last year for $3.2 billion

Camera Nest Cam has a sensor format 1/3 inch resolution of 3 megapixels and can record video in 1080p resolution at 30 fps. Eight infrared LEDs allow you to get a good image in the dark. Visibility reaches 130°.

Nest Cam has a microphone and loudspeaker. To connect to your home network and uses management interfaces Wi-Fi 802.11 n and Bluetooth 4.0. At the base of the stand has a magnet for easy attaching to metal surfaces.

Of course, there is the ability to view recorded video or live stream on iPhone and Android devices. The new product is estimated at $200. But to complete the work have to pay for a subscription to the service Nest Aware +. For $100 a year Nest will keep your video within 10 days, and $300 per year — 30 days.

In addition to surveillance cameras, Google unveiled the second generation of the Nest Protect devices. In fact, it is an advanced smoke detector and carbon monoxide. The device has become smarter and pickier. First, the developers used different sensors than those that were the basis of the previous model. They must be better and faster to determine how fast the spreading flames and smoldering fires. Secondly, the novelty with humidity sensor not confuse steam with smoke.

As before, the device is able to inform about the dangers of an audible signal and a message on a smartphone. Has been improved and the function of Pathlight. She is that night gadget illuminates the room when someone includes. Nest claims that this function is very much to the buyers of the first generation Protect, so in the second lighting has become somewhat brighter.

The cost of Nest Protect is $100. Available modifications with power from the mains or from the elements in the format AA. It’s also worth noting that the lifetime increased from 7 to 10 years.

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