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Singapore has opened the first in Southeast Asia Apple stores

Apple has opened in Singapore its first in Southeast Asia, the store-brand retail network. Apple Orchard Road follows the same design principles as Apple Store on Union square in San Francisco and Apple Dubai Mall in the UAE.

As the first retail store in South-East Asia, the Apple Orchard Road has attracted a lot of media attention and gathered at the opening ceremony, several hundred people who began to line up for a few hours before the event.

Earlier this week, the company allowed the press new Apple, allowing to make photos of the interior, including the huge stairs in Apple Park and the area where will take place session of Today at Apple.

Apple Orchard Road – the next step in the execution of the concept redesign-brand stores. Apple wants the buyers were inspired by the gadgets of the company and learned more due Today at Apple.

When Apple announced the sessions Today at Apple’s Vice President of retail Angela Ahrendts said that the stores have become something of a town square — a place to meet people. The company has always sought to create in their retail stores atmosphere that would encourage visitors to spend their more time, communicate with each other and got acquainted with the products of the company. The program Today at Apple continues this strategy.

Artists, photographers and musicians will spend in the stores free open classes on using Apple products in both professional activities and in everyday life. The program includes introductory courses for new users lessons on various Apple apps — Numbers, Garageband and others, and even hour lesson on music in the Apple Music app.

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Apple stores are being refurbished specifically for holding mass events. In a new commercial outlets in Singapore under lessons program Today at the Apple given the entire top floor. Ahrendts hopes that the Apple Store will be something like “Starbucks”. “You know, I told my team: “I know that we did a great job, if a new generation of people will say “I’ll Meet you in the Apple! As you know, today was Apple?”.

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