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Set for modding allows you to turn your iPhone 5s or iPhone SE the 4-inch iPhone 7

Apple smartphones have outstanding design, which proves mass copying Android manufacturers. iPhone 7 is made in slim cases with rounded edges, which replaced the hard lines inherent in the previous model, the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. Case “seven” is very ergonomic and the appearance of the iPhone SE and its predecessor, very outdated. User forum Reddit under the nickname Igenno found a way to transform any 4-inch iPhone so that he looks like the iPhone 7.

Enthusiast bought on AliExpress the kit for turning iPhone 5, 5s and SE 4-inch iPhone 7. The kit includes a new case and a screwdriver for dismantling your gadget and transfer the components into the new shell. Kits for upgrade available on popular online stores on request “iphone 5s housing style 7”. The main thing – to find really good quality.

The procedure of replacement housing iPhone 5s/SE recommended for trained users. It requires hours of patience and endurance.

“I use an iPhone 5s for two years. At the time the release of the iPhone 6 with a new design, which reminded me of the first-generation iPhone. I tried to convince myself that the bigger the screen the better. Thought over what I would prefer to read books on the big screen, etc. However, I never switched to the iPhone 6 family. When the iPhone came out SE became clear that the 4-inch form factor will not go away. I recently saw on AliExpress interesting set to transform iPhone 5s to iPhone 7 and decided to try,” writes a forum user.

“Total: three screwdrivers, three hours time and that’s what we have. Overall impression: it’s amazing, the quality of Chinese aluminium impressive. I have the feeling that they took the same metal that the manufacturer for the iPhone 7. Apple you need to release a 4-inch model with this design. Will be very cool,” added Igenno.

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According to him, to perform the operation to “transplant” iPhone 5s new iPhone case 7 under force to everyone. Although it is still recommended to entrust the operation prepared by the master, through whose hands it has been several Apple devices.

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