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iPhone 7 Plus vs “killer” flagships OnePlus 3T: a test of performance in the real world [video]

Not long ago, OnePlus announced its fourth smartphone OnePlus 3T. As in the case of previous devices, the company is positioning the new product as a “killer” flagships of other companies, thanks to the productive “stuffing” and a low price. In connection with the start of sales OnePlus 3T project PhoneBuff decided to compare the device performance with the flagship smartphone Apple.

the iPhone 7 Plus is the undisputed leader in the “life” performance tests PhoneBuff. If the latter-day Android device to surpass the flagship Apple?

As part of testing both handsets connected to the same wireless network. And to assess performance on each device was launched a stopwatch which recorded the total time spent by vehicles on the execution of a set of identical tasks.

In the experiment, the blogger without stopping run on every smartphone application is designed to perform the same functions (Clock, browser, gallery, camera, games and so on). At the beginning of the process thanks to faster animations took the lead OnePlus 3T. But when it came to productive tasks, the iPhone 7 have demonstrated the advantages of Fusion A10 processor. Smartphone bypassed the competitor on stage video processing and kept the lead until the end of the test.

Final time for the iPhone 7 was 1 minute 15 seconds of the first round and 1 minute 47 seconds of the second round, for OnePlus 3T – 1 minute 33 seconds and 1 minute and 59 seconds of the first and second round respectively.

The measurement process starts from 60 seconds:

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