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Servers Pokemon Go “lay down” after the global launch of the game

After the official launch in the European region servers Pokemon Go has died. Users worldwide are reporting problems with access to the game.

Hunters on pokemon around the world were left without your favorite entertainment after the launch of Pokemon Go in Europe. The application server will immediately “fall” and still has not recovered after the mass influx of users. Aspiring pokemon masters can only expect the recovery of servers, as without them it does not work.

On the evening of 16 July users first reported problems of access to Pokemon Go. Instead of downloading, the screen showed a message about problems on the servers and please try to start the game later.

Then it was about the DDOS attack, responsibility for which was taken by the hacker group PoodleCorp saying about it on Twitter. Later the band had another message: “It was just a little test, we’re bigger”. The developers of the game related problems with overload of servers due to the influx of new users.

Pokemon Go was launched on iOS and Android on June 6. Originally the game was only available in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, today hosted the European launch of the game. The release project in Russia is expected in the coming days. Russian users, to download the app can create a us App Store account.

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