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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S: unconvincing response to iPad Pro

New “oversized” Windows tablet Samsung disappoint the browser Open System Publication in comparison with Pro and iPad line of tablets Microsoft Surface.

S announced Galaxy TabPro, Samsung has taken the first step in the world of tablets on Windows 10. Very similar to the new Android tablets company: this slim fanless model on the processor Intel Core M. The TabProS feature a front-facing and rear cameras, a tablet running a full version of Windows 10 Pro and Home. With the look of those interested were able to meet the day before the official presentation of the images as a result of leaks hit the Internet.

In trying to vary the Samsung supplied TabPro’s display is Super AMOLED with a diagonal of 12 inches, due to which the Windows interface on it looks spectacular. But the performance does not correspond to the external gloss: the sample, placed at the disposal of journalists, during testing, seemed less rapid than would expect from a tablet that claims to compete with the iPad or Microsoft Surface Pro.

Samsung has introduced a number of features that allows you to link the tablet with the latest smartphones of the company. If you put the Galaxy S6 to the corner of the keyboard Tab Pro S, you can unlock the tablet using the fingerprint scanner on the smartphone. After unlocking TabPro’s offer to turn on the smartphone hotspot, so the tablet could use the shared Internet connection. In this case, the tablet will receive notifications from your smartphone so that the user would not miss them while working with Tab Pro S.

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Samsung representative said that this feature is intended for connection of devices of the family Galaxy.

If someone is planning to apply TabPro’s for serious work, you will have to put up with not quite a good keyboard, which comes with the tablet. Time testing was not much, but in the process the fingers because of the arrangement of the keys constantly hit simultaneously by two buttons instead of one, and limited travel of the keys has created a feeling of cheapness.

Here’s what’s bothering in S TabPro: Samsung seems to be not fully invested in something, to justify the use of the brand Galaxy. Despite a good screen and impressive “gadgets” for the connection with the smartphone, there is no sense that this is the professional level tablet. It is unknown how many will want to give a chance to device with too many such compromises.

Most likely, the deciding factor will be hesitant to price TabPro S. For devices price categories: 500-700 USD. it looks like a good suggestion, but this device is not the same level that the iPad Pro or the Surface Pro 4. If Samsung will sell it cheap enough, perhaps he will attract the attention of the market.

Perhaps Samsung will prove that it is not. The company happened to release an imperfect first model in Samsung updated until then, until it will receive market acceptance. So it is likely that the TabPro’s second generation will be seriously improved in comparison with the original.

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